Mural is the ancient form of art & expression.External elevational Mural Being the Strongest Media for developing & enriching Art liking / Awareness in Society , has been taken up as movement by me. Neither latest Architechture nor costliest finish can give uniqueness to building,as they are either TREND Or MARKET items.Only Designed ELEVATIONAL MURALS Can make the building UNIQUE for ever.


It’s an unique concept of art which takes care of aesthetics of your whole premises right from boundry wall to inside of your house.It ensures fragrance of aesthetics at each & every corner of your premises. many Creations of this nature of consultancy have been carried out for residential / Commercial Bunglows / Buildings & premises, which tell their uniqueness themeselves..


It’s an unique combination of art,technique & process.It contains the special feature of Murals,Like its longevity,its richness & its uniqueness. Reflective of the base as well as the art work makes it a live work.This work is always talkative,not a dead one.This art work has been exclusively coated with imported coating so as to assure its shine,its color & its freshness forever in the vicinity of your heart.

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A creation that describes the Energy generation at the BPCL plant which ultimately drives the Nation.Women being the backbone of every developing society.The pipeline bringing in the crude oil undergoes various processing to give us the ultimate source of energy.A huge mural with the above concept using the Brass venture (My work with Brass) , wood and tile work. at BPCL (M.P.)
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